Mercenary Records are proud to announce the release of ‘Old Man Superman’ by Brendan Tallon, which
represents the first ever solo offering by the former Revelino and Saturday Captains front man.

Brendan and Revelino enjoyed a lockdown renaissance in 2020 with the remastering and re-release of
the band’s eponymous debut album, 26 years after its original critically acclaimed release. The album,
including an EP of previously un-released material, received much airplay and fanfare on Irish national
radio. Such was the impact of last year’s release that the re-mastered album reached no.1 in the Irish
Indie Charts, no. 11 in the overall Official Irish Album Charts.

The song ‘Old Man Superman’ was inspired by the actions of one Yasutera Yamada and the members of
the ‘Skilled Veterans Corps’. As retired veteran engineers and scientists, they volunteered to enter the
Fukushima power plant in Japan following the nuclear disaster in 2011, with the purpose of shutting it
down and delivering a damage report. They logically proposed, quite naturally to them, that the older
veterans should tackle the aftermath rather than younger staff who had young families and still had
their lives ahead of them.

This selfless act, although grounded in pure logic, struck a chord (!) with Brendan, reminding him of the
countless acts of gracious sacrifice carried out on a daily basis by normal, everyday superheroes in the
name of science, technology and for the benefit of mankind. The release of this number is perhaps
given extra poignancy given the recent 10th anniversary of the disaster.

Brendan’s wonderful craft & musicianship fully shine through on this track – flashing riffs, urban
saxophones, floating dreamscapes and heavenly choirs all in one action packed superhero theme song.
His lyrics and soundscape (with accompanying video by Rory McDonald) attempt to depict the
extraordinary deeds carried out by an otherwise ordinary man. This surely represents a subject worthy
of a dedicated song. Enjoy.

Brendan Tallon’s first solo album ‘Love in these times’ will be released later this year on vinyl and digital
download via Bandcamp.

Check out the new video…