The Coletranes

Following membership of several bands based in South County Dublin and with a desire to explore his songwriting capabilities, Brendan Tallon formed a band called The Coletranes in the late 1980s, taking up roles as guitarist and lead singer/songwriter. In 1991, the band had an Irish Top 5 hit with “Wake Up“, released on U2’s Son label and produced by Radiator Pete Holidai.

The Coletranes (l-r Shane, Ian, Bren, Brendan)


Brendan, along with other Coletranes members went on to form Revelino in 1994, adding a new bassist and Brendan’s brother Ciaran on guitar. Brendan retained sole writing credits for all of the band’s material.

Revelino released three critically acclaimed albums during a seven-year existence and were noted for their high-energy live shows.

Highlights of Revelino’s career included supporting acts such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Television and Echo & The Bunnymen as well as playing at several Irish and UK festivals. In 1994 Dave Fanning voted the song “Happiness is Mine” into his ‘fab 50’. Hotpress magazine also voted Revelino’s debut album #47 in their top 100 Irish albums of all time.

Following the death of legendary BBC radio DJ John Peel, it was revealed that their ‘Step On High’ single made it into his ‘Record Box‘.

Revelino (l-r Brendan, Bren, Ciaran, Monty, Shane)

Saturday Captains

In 2012 Brendan co-released ‘Saturday Captains‘. This album by Irish duo Brendan Tallon and Barry O’Mahony is their first collaboration and has been described as a ‘startling collection of beautifully crafted and delightfully dreamy alt pop’.

Saturday Captains (Brendan & Barry O’Mahony)

Revelino Remastered

2020 saw the remaster of the Revelino debut album. Released on Vinyl for the first time the album reached the #1 spot in the Irish Indie Charts.

Love in these times

2021 see’s the release of Brendan Tallon’s first Solo record, “Love in these times” will be released later in 2021 on Vinyl & digital download.


Here are some of the reviews of Brendan’s music:

Languid swoon, serene intoxication…these songs are cosmic piledrivers  Melody Maker
Beautiful harmony-laden confections with buzzing guitars – The New York Times
This is an album to beg, borrow or steel – In Dublin
Pure guitar heaven, skydiving tunes and surfing melodies – The Irish Times
A brilliant Record. Superb songwriting – RTE Guide
A masterclass in assimilating influences and stamping your personality on them. A muscular, compelling noise all of Revelino’s own – Hot Press
Great hooks, beautiful harmonies and intelligent lyrics – Hot Press
Rarely have I heard a collection of songs that virtually bursts with hooks and intelligent lyrics – In Dublin
Robustly brilliant…it leaves the listener with an undeniable feeling of optimism and power – Sunday Independent